Gordon Benn
Vilma Scott
Lloyd Muirhead
Andre Fergus
Yvonne Harris
Kerwin Rogers
Toni Bannister
Beverley Dowdell
Ann Cato
Assisted by:
Harriet Flint, Khawlah Alkhdar, Bella Gorman
'...Windrush Legacy
People’s everyday lives are an important part of history and the city of Southampton.
Windrush Legacy is a Black Archives South project in partnership with John Hansard Gallery and Southampton City Council. The project aims to preserve and celebrate the histories of people of African and Caribbean descent in the UK, as well as inspire and give strength to individuals, communities, and society.
To mark Windrush 75, we invited local photographer Nosa Malcolm to work with nine of Padmini Broomfield’s interviewees and take their portraits.
Each sitter thought about what matters to them and how they wanted to be seen by their local and wider community. We would like to thank each of the interviewees and their families for participating in and supporting this project.
Windrush Stories
To bring these oral histories to life and raise awareness of the Southampton City Archives Oral History Collection, storytellers Amanda Ray Epe and Wendy Shearer have made new stories which can be shared with people of all ages and backgrounds. This project has been funded by the UK Government’s Windrush Day Grant Scheme.
During Black History Month October 2023, Nosa Malcolm’s portraits and links to the oral histories will be on display on shop units in Southampton, designed by Greg Bunbury.
For more Information
To find out more, or to make an appointment to listen to any of the recordings, please contact Southampton City Archives on city.archives@southampton.gov.uk or telephone 023 8083 2251 (Tuesday & Wednesday only)'.
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